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At Askari outstanding service comes as standard

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Stockist and Distributor
With over 50,000 line items in stock in our 10,000 square foot UK warehouse we have the space to accommodate storage, consignments and packages. If a part is not available from our vast stock we will strive to source them from one of our many Worldwide suppliers.
AOG Delivery
At Askari we see every order as urgent so special attention is made to process and ship them quickly. Should you have an AOG we can get stock orders shipped same day to help get your aircraft back in the sky as soon as possible. Call us on +44 1403 266341 24/7 for any of your AOG needs.
Repairs and Overhauls
At Askari we have many workshop connections who are happy to carry out overhauls at a preferential rate due to the high volume of units we send to them. These are savings that we are able to carry over to the customer, helping reduce your total repair price and giving you the best possible deal.
Consumable Kits
Askari Aeroparts have the capacity to build custom consumable kits to meet your specific aircraft's needs. Our vast number of consumable suppliers and in-house stock means no requirement is too big or too small. 
Surplus Inventory Management
Our 10,000 Sq Ft climate controlled warehouse can hold your stock for sale on a consignment basis or stored at a minimal cost. Our professional sales team would be happy sell your stock for maximum return.
Sourcing Solutions
On the rare occasion that we do not have a part available in stock we aren't going to give up there; with our global network of contacts and relationships built over the years we can still find you the part at a price that fits your needs. 
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